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User Experience


Vredenburgh, M.J., Stone, P.B., & Cao, C.G.L. (2021). User Experience: An evaluation of the Pilot Education Platform and Online Learning at Wright State University. In Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting, vol. 65, 1: pp. 1215-1219.

American college students’ lives were upended when the global pandemic reached our shores. Instead of interacting face-to-face, they were forced to attend classes online. This new learning environment required students and faculty to rely on digital platforms provided by their universities. This study evaluated the effectiveness of the Pilot platform at Wright State University, and the user experience by its two primary user populations: students and faculty. Attributes studied include the usability of elements including feedback, assignments, and communication. Recommendations focus on adjusting the grading input for faculty and to standardize an assignment posting method.