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Slips, Trips & Falls

Our consultants evaluate how behavioral expectations and building design interact as they relate to premises accidents. We consider relevant building codes, such as the international building code (IBC), as a standard of care for safety, depending on the construction or modification date.

slip and fallStairway falls

  • Building codes
  • Handrail usage
  • Pedestrian expectations
  • Stairway design
  • Single riser accidents
  • Where people look when they walk

Slips, trips, missteps and falls

  • Coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Building codes
  • Pedestrian expectations
  • Walkway design
  • stairwayReasonableness of conduct
  • Where people look when they walk
  • Tripping hazards

Fences, walls, and gates

  • Wall construction
  • Fence stability
  • Gate closure
  • Maintenance
  • Inspections