Vredenburgh & Zackowitz, Inc.

Human Factors, Ergonomics, Safety,
Engineering & Organizational Consulting


Our consultants serve as forensic (the application of science to law) human factors experts for products liability, personal injury and employment cases in the areas of human factors, safety, and industrial-organizational psychology. We collect and review case material, inspect accident sites and equipment, and perform testing and evaluation. We have consulted on hundreds of cases and qualified as experts in Municipal, Superior, and Federal District courts.

Our expertise includes:

Accessibility (ADA/ FHA)

Age issues affecting performance & accidents

Children's safety

Employee training

Ergonomics evaluation

Injury prevention programs

Job hazard analysis

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Organizational & personnel issues

Public transit

Slips, trips & falls

Vehicle & pedestrian safety

Warnings & product design

Workplace accidents, causation


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