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Children's Safety

Children are often involved in accidents at school, on the playground, and with consumer products. We evaluate how age-related factors, supervision, playground equipment and product design contribute to injuries to children.

School and classroom safety

  • school busDismissal of young students
  • School bus safety
  • Science lab explosions and burns
  • Field trips
  • Organized sports
  • Classroom supervision
  • Safety of classroom activities
  • Adolescent behavior

Playground equipment

  • Falls from heights
  • Playground surfacing materials
  • Adequacy of supervision
  • Maintenance
  • Girls on SwingChildren's use of age-appropriate equipment
  • Equipment design
  • Equipment standard of care

Children and traffic

  • Age appropriate capabilities and limitations
  • Behavior
  • Perception
  • Memory and learning
  • Driver expectations
  • Visibility
  • Conspicuity of children