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Age Issues Affecting Performance & Accidents


ExpertiseThere are many age-related issues that should be considered when investigating accidents that occur among preschoolers, adolescents and older people. Research in psychology provides us with insight into developmental issues for many age groups. By combining our knowledge of forensic human factors and psychology, we have developed age-related guidelines to consider when evaluating incidents and developing injury prevention programs.


  • Developmental changes
  • ExpertisePerceptions
  • Visual field
  • Cognitive ability
  • Attending skills
  • Problem solving
  • Children and traffic


  • Risk perception
  • Peer influence
  • Social "rules"
  • Limit-testing
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Independence
  • Problem solving

Effects of Aging

  • Vision
  • Mobility
  • Changes in walking
  • Changes in balance
  • Effect of medications
  • Aging and driving
  • Perception-reaction time
  • Individual differences